On behalf of UK & Turkey Events (UKTE) we are pleased to announce the first 'Turkish Day in London' festival scheduled on Sunday 18th of August 2013. The festival will take place in London’s iconic Trafalgar Square courtesy of the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London.

Turkish day in London is a unique event inspired by the Turkish community living here in the United Kingdom. Our event offers a whole day packed full of activities and features that deliver the best and most accessible way to enjoy a Turkish cultural experience outside of Turkey.

From live performances by leading Turkish artists and musicians to recreations of Turkeys greatest landmarks, visitors can enjoy a complimenting mixture of modernity and tradition in a quintessentially British location with a distinctly Turkish atmosphere.

This is UKTE's début event. It is UKTEs mission to organise and deliver events inspired by Turkish spirit, culture, history and modernity which are accessible to everyone. Moreover, since UKTE was created from a partnership between two leading British privately owned events companies, Sky Management & Regalis Events, UKTE has inherited a significant degree of expertise to commit to 'Turkish Day in London' and future UKTE events.

The organisation of such an event is no small undertaking. To reach our event's full potential we must in part, rely on the generosity of partners and sponsors. We will take pride in the fact that our event is not financed by a single benefactor, but a wide range of businesses that have committed to the success of our event

Turkish Day in London 2014, Summary